Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stay tuned for a meeting very soon

I'm finding out from a few folks about having a meeting this week ASAP.

Heads up. We need to be considering people for roles to do the following tasks in a hurry before the next meeting with the land owner, developer, and 7-11 rep. These are what I believe the tasks will be, but we need to flesh this out at a meeting ASAP.

  • Make posters inviting people to the next public meeting (1 person)
  • Distribute posters (3-5+ people - all over Sellwood, East Moreland, Reed, Mt. Scott and Brentwood... AND Woodstock)
  • Someone writes our official statement of the standing of Woodstock Cares and our opposition to 7-11's intended presence.
  • Someone call AND(not or) emails the big TV outlets about the meeting. Ask them to send a reporter and preferably a camera. Tell them a big turnout is expected (fingers crossed) (1 people)
  • Someone to post meeting to free e-calendars and announces on social media sites as invitations, ads and other ongoing information (1-2 people)
  • Someone contacts the 4-5 neighborhood associations and asks them to send at least one representative each, if not a posse (1 person)
  • Someone calls AND(not or) emails KBOO, OPB and other radio outlets to request a reporter AND offer a live interview by a representative of Woodstock Cares. (1-2 people)
  • Someone calls AND(not or) emails Willamette Week, Portland Mercury, and other publications in Portland about this meeting an issue.
  • Someone to call local businesses and request they send a representative to the meeting to voice their opinion. (1 informed person)
  • Someone to call/email other citizen action groups that may be interested in backing this effort. (1 informed person)
  • Optional: Someone contacts local universities to inform civic participation and request advice, support and that they let their students know to come to the meeting as well (1 informed person)
Thoughts? Feedback? Ideas?

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