Monday, November 8, 2010

Come to the planning meeting, Nov 9th at 7pm!!!

The meeting time is 7:00pm, and not 7:30pm as I accidentally previously posted. Please pass it on.
WHAT: Planning Meeting (without developer, realtor, & 7-Eleven rep!)
WHEN: Tuesday, Nov. 9th, 2010 @ 7:00pm
WHERE: Our Lady of Sorrows - Corner of SE 52nd and SE Woodstock (kitty-corner to 7-Eleven site)
WHY: At this public planning meeting the objectives are...
  1. Inform the public about what is happening (in detail) with news from the Woodstock Neighborhood Association Land-use committee and others who have been working on the issue.
  2. Discuss educated next steps on how to either stop 7-Eleven from entering at all, or (if unable to stop them) find a way to get them to make changes such as no malt liquor sales, address traffic issues and litter, lease to local tenants providing products and services that will better the community, and/or AVOID the installation of a check-cashing store, chain coffee shop, and other bad choices.
  3. Distribute lawn signs, organize petition signing, and create a communication web to ensure people are informed quickly of meetings and updates.
  4. Organize what we are doing in preparation for the next public meeting with the realtor, contractor, and chain rep. (e.g. who is inviting the media, getting the community informed, etc.)

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